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In-person coaching

One-to-one & paired training from £240/month
    • Periodised strength training tailored to your specific goals
    • Support and training advice via WhatsApp
    • Lifestyle support including diet recommendations, sleep cycles, supplementation etc.
Single consultation £60
    • Late stage injury rehabilitation, bringing the gap from physical therapy back to performance

    • Technical execution of exercises or relevant progressions/regressions

    • Supplement to remote coaching programs to ensure the highest quality of execution

online coaching

Personalised correspondence coaching £95/month
    • 3-month minimum commitment
    • Strength and conditioning programming designed for your individual requirements
    • Planning to take account of injury history, competition schedule and skills training frequency
    • WhatsApp and Facebook group support
Subscription-based programming £50/month
    • Ideal for the recreational combat sports enthusiast
    • Programming designed to maximise health and performance and minimise injury risks
    • WhatsApp and Facebook group support